Not Content to Hate the French…

Sorry Squire Hamley, I can’t.  I just can’t.  After all, the French gave us the “French Seam” and it’s my friend right now.  (Ok, ok… I don’t know if they “invented” it.  For all I know it was the Greeks, the Romans, our countrymen… oh wait, I have your ears!)

So while stuck in this blasted beloved chair, I am trying to keep my fingers busy.  I smocked the dress a few days ago and now it’s time for me to sew it up!  However, there is a problem.  I can’t sit at my sewing machine so I sat and fumed and fussed for a few minutes and then remembered the glory days when we lived in Mojave with no electricity or running water.  I hand sewed my clothes back then and I didnt’ even know about French Seams back then!

So I sat down and started sewing last night.   While solving the murders along with Columbo, I sewed one side of the gown.  It took maybe half an hour.  Tops.  That’s pretty amazing in my opinion.  I didn’t work quickly.  I just sewed.  Then I took each side of the gown and pulled.  HARD.  Those seams aren’t going anywhere.  If I play my cards right, I may be able to sew this entire gown by hand.  Well, actually that’s impossible because we serged the armholes and the lace on.  Oh well.  The REST can be sewn by hand!  hee hee.

Here is my hand sewn French Seam in all its heirloomy glory!


2 thoughts on “Not Content to Hate the French…

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  2. Oh… Glad I read this — I’ll have to remember that. I think I’ll teach it to my dd so I won’t forget it soon. She LOVES to hand sew — stuff for her dolls, the cats… her brothers. ::giggle::

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