Pleating My Case~

I love to smock.  I really enjoy watching the design grow under my fingertips.  It’s beautiful how each row builds upon the last until the final design emerges.  I started matching dresses for Euphemia and Lorna today.  I think they’re going to be exquisite!

The Ingredients:

Fabric:  A springy floral from  Robert Kaufman

Design Plate:  Angel Wears “Lindsey

Floss:  DMC 3047, 3731, 3052

Pattern:  Chery Williams Baby Square Yoke 

In case you’ve never seen fabric pleated, I thought I’d share how it’s done.  My pleater, as you can see, is a bit dusty.  I wiped it off but since I’m sitting around in a chair all day, doing a thorough cleaning wasn’t exactly something I could manage but at least it kept the dust off of the fabric!  😉

This is your basic smocking pleater.  The threads are stored in a box under the pleater itself and are pulled through the black bar there and then threaded up under the pleater needles.  I’ll have to get a picture of those soon.  Those funky bent needles (to lay perfectly on those rollers you know) are cute!

You simply roll the fabric around a dowel rod (or unused curtain rod as I have here) and then feed into the pleater like so:

And when you’re finished… Voila!  A perfectly pleated piece of fabric waiting for a marvelous design to accent it.  Since working on these and hand sewing Euphemia’s dress, I am now considering completely hand sewn layettes, gowns, blankets, etc for eBay.  Why not?  It’s not like I don’t have the time.

And ready to work on… drum roll please…

Shh…. I started smocking this before I posted this… I’m almost done!!!  EEK.


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