Serging Forward…

Having the marvelous husband that I do, I am excited to show what he helped me do today!  He brought my serger to me, helped me set it up on my lap, and I managed to serge two pairs of sleep pants! 


Oh… and Kevin dropped them off at Challice’s house when I was done.  She called a while later to thank me and… hee hee… let me know that Euphemia christened them within minutes of putting them on.  *Giggle*

Then… I got excited soooooooo  I decided to work on Andra’s Birthday Dress.  It was harder work than the sleep pants.  Those long strips require a lot of arm stretching.  It’s very frustrating but hey, the skirt pieces are serged.  If I can figure out how to use the sewing machine in this chair I can put in gathering threads!!!

Meanwhile…. I have proof of my endeavors.


Oh what we’ll do to feel like we’ve accomplished something.


2 thoughts on “Serging Forward…

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