The Bag Lady…

One of my favorite blogs is Charmed Designs by Dana.  I love the beautiful and amazing things she does with beads and particularly her lampwork pieces.  I love good lampwork!  I purchased two sets about six weeks ago.

This one….  (Pictures 8 and 9 of the all white set)


This one…

While talking about a third set (inspired by Polish Pottery… won’t it be gorgeous!) and discussing a christening bracelet for my forthcoming granddaughter (I just knew she was a girl!) Dana asked me if was interested in making her some bags for her jewelry.  She ships all jewelry in an organza bag and that bag is placed in a fabric version with fun and funky fabrics.  A box arrived several days later and  I started to work on them. Then another box arrived and I switched.  Halloween fabrics took priority.  I’m shipping out these bags today.  It was nice to get to do something for someone again!

and now we have…

And there you go!  A great feeling of accomplishment!


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