I’m eating it with relish.  I’m a Bernina gal.  I love the 1080, 1130, 1230, and 1240 machines so much that I once owned two.  Then I got a conscience and gave one to my married daughter.  I’d better be remembered in family annals for the sacrifice.  Say hi to my long lost machine now being worked hard by my industrious daughter…

However my illness has kept me from sewing at the table.  Since I can only smock so long, read so long, write so long… and since I want to say “so long” to this CHAIR… I have been attempting to sew anyway.  It isn’t easy.  Serging is a breeze.  The machine is small and light enough to sit on my lap and I’ve managed to serge Andra’s skirt pieces and a few other things as I wait for doctors to discover what is wrong with my heart so I can resume a normal life.  (Ok, so normal isn’t exactly my forte` but I would like it if I could walk to the car and back without being winded.)

We tried rigging my Bernina every way you can imagine.  We discussed a new chair that would allow a table over it… we thought of everything.  Except the obvious.  I don’t have a back up machine anymore.  (Thanks to that pesky eldest daughter of mine who is forgiven because she produced a mahvelous little Emma for me to snuggle)  I need a back up machine.  I was planning on purchasing another of the Bernina series that I like.  (not the new Arista or whatever it’s called… BLECH) 

While discussing the type of chair I would need I suddenly whacked myself on the forehead (not really) and exclaimed, “We need to see if they have a little Janome that isn’t too big over at the Quilted Quail.”  So, this morning we drove over to my favorite little quilt store and found this little gem.  (pun intended).  It isn’t a “power machine”.  It isn’t an exciting thing with lots of bells and whistles.  But it is only 12 pounds and has everything I could need for a “chair machine”.   I’m so excited!  I finished my Poodle Set and will be putting gathering threads in Andra’s new Birthday Dress later this evening.

Meet my new friend.  I think I’ll name her Sabrina  (the “savior” in the poem by Milton)

We’re going to make beautiful stuff together my friend!  (Keep tuned in for proof!)


5 thoughts on “Introducing…

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  2. Sabrina is a cutie!!! My dear Idol™…you could create Anastasias™ on a Singer handheld straight stitch, if need be.

    I’m sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Promise me you’ll have the docs figure it out asap!

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