Hairy Situation…

I fell in love with Waldorf Style dollhouse dolls while surfing the net the other day.  I remembered that I bought the pattern from Magic Cabin several years ago so I went on a search.  I didn’t find it.    So I looked at them closely and started to remember…

The Ingredients:

Chenille Stems 

1.25″ Wooden Bead  

Felt Squares  

DMC Floss  

Hemp Twine  

And…  my inspiration….  Acorn Cap Dolls!  I recommend that you just buy them here.  This woman does an amazing job and while they aren’t difficult to make they are time consuming and very hard on the hands.  Mine cramped like the dickens!

 or… if you want really good instructions and all the supplies, buy a kit here.

Or, if you want to try to make sense of what I did, listen to me ramble!  Hee hee.

Now, while we wait for our Super Wal-Mart to build, ours has disbanded the embroidery/cross stitch section of the department meaning that there isn’t anywhere to buy floss for 90 miles in any direction.  Kind of a pain y’know?  So… because of that, I opted for a fine hemp twine in order to save on that floss while on a learning curve.  I didn’t want to waste perfectly good floss since it’s such a precious comodity right now.  Hence, the hemp arms and legs!  (Just in case you were curious.  I’d love to say it’s a tribute to my buddy Barbara- aka Hippiechyk- but that wouldn’t be honest.  I didn’t think of that until after I’d purchased it.) 

My first attempt ended up tossed before I began to wrap.  My second one had to wrap several times to get around the chenille and cover it.  This made it bulky and awkward.  Finally, on that charming third time, I hit a nice balance!

I took one full length of chenille, and laid two strands of the hemp along it leaving about 3/4″ free on each end.  Then I started wrapping.  It was a cinch!  I was able to just hold the string taught in one hand and twirl the stem with the other.  I’ll try to get a video of me doing that to show how easy it is.  Bug me if I forget and you want to see it.

Once the stem was thoroughly wrapped, I tied it off and glued the end down with a bit of Aleene’s Tacky Glue.  (Forgot that on the ingredient list.)  I twisted the ends together, folded the “circle” in half crimping it tightly, and then I started wrapping the bottoms again.  I just left a tail up the leg and then wrapped over it so I didn’t have to tie it off.   I tied it in the middle and then repeated for the other end.  Voila!  Legs!

I cut 3.5″ or so off of the end of a chenille stem and did the s ame thing to it that I did to the first one.  These were the arms. 

I picked out a nice wooden bead and took another chenille stem, folded it in half, and then in half again.  I stuck them through the hole in the bead   That’s what the white stuff is on top of that little doll!  We’ll get to the fact that there is nothing else up there in a bit.  I wrapped the arms around that “body” and stuck the legs through the “loops” of the bottom of the body.  By the time I was done I was ready to wrap.  I wrapped that body like you see those wooden crosses all wrapped criss crossed and such. 

Of course, now came the dress.  My first dress cut was a failure.  The second cut wasn’t right but I was able to cut it down to the right size.  It’s just a two piece little felt dress but I embroidered little white lazy daisies along the hem and then did a buttonhole stitch around the neck, arms, and hemline.  It wasn’t easy to put it on the doll.  Next time I’ll cut it up the back and then sew it up. 

I think her name is Eve.  She’s the first in a long family line of dolls I am sure.  From the lessons I learned as I made her, will mean that the process is perfected and then, voila!  A perfect *cought sputter* little doll!  I don’t have hair for her though.  Unlike the Almighty, I didn’t know exactly what to do and how to do it.  I need to make her a wig.  I can’t decide whether to buy some roving and make a wig from that or whether I should use yarn.  What do you think?

So, she’s done.  I want to make some more out of the hemp before I do the beautiful ones with smooth flossy legs and arms!  I’m excited though.

Lorna, however, while fascinaed by doll and eager to add Eve to her ever growing family, is very distressed at “no eyes”.  The first comment she  made was, “Where are the eyes?”  When I didn’t immediately put on eyes, she offered to do it herself.  I declined.  She suggested half a dozen times throughout the day (in other words, every time she saw Eve)  various ways to add eyes.  She brought me pencils, pens, markers, and her water colors.  As you can see, Eve still doesn’t have eyes. In her opinion, the eyes make the doll.  She’ll never make it as an Amish child.


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