Skirting the Issue


I wanted something fabulous for my introductory skirt to my new SKIRT BLOG.  You know, something to really knock your socks off.  I even had a few ideas.  This simple little skirt, however, called to me.  It said, “Make me!  I have been waiting for months so that Jenna could wear me with her new purple sweater that you purchased for this purpose.”  Skirts can really be obnoxious nags when the moment strikes.


 This is a kilted syled mock wrap front skirt.  There is no slit and no front waistband.    The back is elasticized for a perfect fit.  Doesn’t Jenna look darling in it?  I think so.  Then again, I am a mom and I’m supposed to!


The skirt features five silver buttons down the left front side which do absolutely nothing but add to the asthetic value.  In other words, they’re for show.  Pretty, huh?  I even have a spare button in the event it comes into contact with cats, dogs, or goats who like to eat buttons.

Note the lovely wrinkles that I did not bother to press.  I must remedy the walk 30 feet out the back door, through the cold, into the “studio” and to the iron issue.  There must be a way to do it in here without having a permanent ironing board set up in my living room.  It doesn’t match  my Christmas decor.


5 thoughts on “Skirting the Issue

  1. That is so cute!!!!!! Did you make that up yourself…meaning did you design it. She is such a pretty girl and ya know, there’s not much cuter on young ladies than purple.

    That is so cute, I want you to be my Mom!!!!


  2. Well I’m sure I’ve seen it done somewhere but there is no pattern for it. I just cut and sewed!

    I agree… that girl is too pretty for my own good! 😉

  3. I reeeeeeeeeeallllllly like that skirt. I think Katie needs about 5 of them. 😉

    Jenna’s going to be stylin’ this year!

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