Well, I went shopping over at Thousands of Bolts (and one nut or so they claim) and found this fabric.  Isn’t it cute?  I’ve found a cool pattern I wanted to use for my girls but there was a little bitty problem….   They’re skinny enough for it but they’re too tall.   Andra can get by with a few pleats sewn deeper into the pattern and 6″ added to the dress.  I hink Jenna will need the dress split in the middle too for length in the torso.  Not sure yet.  Playing with Andra’s first. 

Oh, and I wanted sleeve-ish things too.  I went for “caps”.

The Ingredients

Prismatic by The New Chick on the Block–  

New Look Pattern–  6693  

 So I cut it out.  Notice the fine quality and perfectly matching fabric weights I use to hold patterns in place when there are too many places to mess up if I don’t pin?

I added 6″ to length… cause you know it helps!

Voila… it’s ready for sewing.   Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “French-i-dellic

  1. Oh… that’s hilarious… I was in awed… until I realized they were kitchen knives. LOL

    HEY — I learned a new trick today. Ü Weights. I’ve got some of those.

    I like YOUR dress b.t.w. I can’t wait to see it on!

  2. I thought that my grandmother was the only one who used knives to hold her pattern down. I’m glad to see someone else out there does it too.

    PS, my great grandmother used dinner plates.

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