Cordially Raspberry!

Sorry Anne (You know, Shirley?  Green?  Gables?  Gilbert?  Get with the program!).

Ok, so first, I got my skirt pattern “just right.”  I did that here.  So, with pattern all ready to go, I cut out the new skirt and started sewing.  This twill screamed for flat-felled seams.    So, here we go.  Flat-felled seams.

Start with WRONG sides together.  Sew the full 5/8″ seam allowance.  It’s not difficult… just pretend you did it the way you always do but this time, do it backwards… like this.

Then press open.  Yes, you want to do this.

Then you cut off one of the seam allowances.  I did the one farthest from center on both sides of the front and back.  It seemed to make the most sense.

Press the remaining seam allowance OVER the old one.

Press the raw edge under into the seam allowance so that BOTH raw edges are hidden inside the folded area.

Stitch the folded side down.

Voila!  One loverly stitched flat-felled seam.  Repeat for all seams…

Ahem… and when you cut yours, make sure you don’t miss three small holes in the center front of your skirt.  But if you do, like I did, fix it.  Like this.

Pins.  Twice in one month.  Scary.

Just keep stitching, just keep stitching, just keep stitching, stitching, stitching…

Stitch a casing and insert elastic.  Voila!  Complete (well, once I figure out the hem!)

 So, what do you think?   Skirt this length or 2.5-3″ shorter?

Total cost of skirt… 4.50 max.

 2 yards of 1.oo per yard fabric.

1 yard of elastic.



However, if you get a great deal on WONDERFUL fabric at 1.00 a yard… make sure there aren’t holes in the middle before you cut it out… cause I COULD have cut it from the other end and voila… no problemmo.


5 thoughts on “Cordially Raspberry!

  1. I like it! And now I know how to do flat felled hems! Cool!

    And I love that you know how to spell “Voila!” Waalaa, walah and every other variations makes me NUTS!

  2. I think you should make it a wee bit shorter. If those are YOUR legs and this is for you… because then it will hit your legs at just the right spot to make them look longer.

    Oh and those flat felled seams THANKS, I’ll use that.

  3. Thank you for the little tutorial! Can’t wait to make me a skirt with those seams. I’d go just a tad shorter on the skirt I think. Love how you “fixed” it! Fabulous!

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