Aqua Bella~

Ok, skirt number two!  I LOVE IT!  It’s so cute and comfy.  I’m wearing it as I sit here typing.  WAHOO!

The Ingredients: 

First, you cut it out.

Then, you put WRONG sides together and sew all seams at 3/8″.

Like that.  Press the seam.

 Trim the seam to about 1/8″.

Like that.  Press the seam.

To one side.  Like that.

Fold over on seam with RIGHT sides together.  Press seam.  Again.  Repeat for all seams.

Now, if you do what I did (and haven’t done for AGES but apparently did for this so I could show you how to fix it) and sew the bottom of the skirt to the top of the waist… and trim it… then gently remove stitches and place like this.

Trim off the extra fabric.  You stitched on the original line but you laid it 1/4″ to the left of the edge of the uncut fabric.

With pressed sides, stitch 1/4″ from the folded edge (where the seam is) 

Voila.  Look at the beautiful French Seam!  (You can do it with 1/8″

Isn’t that pretty?

Irritatingly, I decided I wanted it lined.  So, I ran to Wally and got lining fabric, serged it, and voila.  Perfecto.

 Then, I sewed a 5/8″ seam with  lining and skirt right sides together.

Then I edge stitched into the lining to ensure it stayed inside the skirt where it belongs. 

Press again. 

Doesn’t this look good?  I can’t wait to sew that casing.  So, sew your casing.

Like that.  I used 3/8″ elastic.  I can get away with it because I have no torso.

See, toldja so!

Then I started to hem.  I folded the hem UP and stitched it near the fold line.  Like this.

Trim away as much of the raw edge to stitching as you can but definitely leave a bit.

Fold up and press.  You want it just barely over 1/8″ at most.

Press.  I know it gets old  but this is a very pressing engagement we have going on here. 

Stitch to the LEFT of your other stitching line.  Keep it as close to the original fold as humanly possible. 

And now we…   That’s it!  PRESS.

I chose to put some fagotting on the hem of the lining so I didn’t have to change thread.  Weird, but it works.

Press.  Again.  Just DO IT.

I’m loving this!!!

Time for a top!


6 thoughts on “Aqua Bella~

  1. Gorgeous! I have been making skirts like that all week (except that I serge the seams) and I just LOVE THEM. Yours is so pretty! Is it for yourself?

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