Lavender Butterflies~

Well, I bought this fabric from a woman on the Woodshed and teased that I’d make it the day it arrived.  Well, the day it arrived I was out of town so I didn’t make it that day but I did make it two days later.  And I’ve been waiting for Braelyn to do pictures since. 


However, after all the remodeling we’ve been doing, we haven’t been doing laundry on a very consistent basis so Lorna was left without a dress that is long enough to keep her decent.  Around the house that isn’t as horrifying as it is when you’re trying to go to church!  So, I pulled out the dress and insisted Nolan take a picture of it. 


Since the dress is sleeveless and since it’s coldish and windy, we needed warmth.  So they put a sweater on her.  They kind of forgot to take off the sweater but since the point is to prove that I did make the dress, here we go.



Fabric:  Fabric Traditions Lavender Butterflies


Pattern:  Vogue 7579 view C (sleeveless)


The dress…



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