Vintage Twist~


Sweet dress isn’t it?  Very cute, and feminine.  Trendyish.  I had a different idea.


My friend Teresa gave me these fabrics for her daughter Hannah.



I wanted a flutter sleeve, so I created one with this pattern.



See, a flutter sleeve is just the curve of a regular sleeve inverted.  You cut an underseam and then scoop the bottom down in order to have a nice flowing sleeve.



I loved this rick-rack with it.  It gave it such a nice cheerful and vintagey air.





What do you think?  Do you like it?  I think I’m going to like it.


3 thoughts on “Vintage Twist~

  1. Beautiful clothes. Beautiful creations. I was just getting into smocking when I became very sick with my twins. Now two years later with two more babies (6 under just 7 yrs total) I haven’t sewn anything but leather slippers (like robees). How do you find/ make time to sew, and mother, and school, and….????

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