I found this sweet stripe up in the mountains near Lake Gregory in Crestline.  I loved it and immediately knew I wanted to make something for Lorna.  Does that ever happen to you?  You see a fabric, know that you love it and you know the perfect person for it… you just don’t know quite what it’ll look like.


That was this fabric.  I spent all morning thinking about it.  I looked at every pattern I own, every website I could think of, and then I pulled out the big guns.  I closed my eyes, and tried to imagine Lorna spinning around talking to the imaginary friend of the day.  What was she wearing? 


Immediately this dress came to mind.  I took an old pair of Kevin’s jeans and cut out a “jumper top.”  I have a skirt, pants, top… the works planned.  It’s going to be adorkable.  So, today I cut out the appliques and did the embroidery.  Isn’t it darling?


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