Something Up My Sleeve~

So I get tired of my laptop slithering around from here to there all the time.  I mean, I go to bed at night with it standing against the arm of my chair (inside the chair… I keep Darcy nice and padded- kind of like me) and wake up to find it

  • on the floor beside my chair
  • on the dining table
  • on the counter
  • on my bookshelf
  • on the ironing board
  • on the garage roof


Just kidding on the last one.  I hope.


So, I decided to make it a nice pretty sleeve to protect it from dings and scratches.  Yeah, I know I only have a 400 dollar cheap Compaq that they couldn’t sell so they hawked at Staples on the Black Friday things.  Yeah, I know it was just a way for big corporations to chuckle over the ridiculous lengths that Americans will go to buy something cheap for more than it is worth.  And, I do confess, I think they have cameras posted at stores where they record the shivering masses standing in line for yet another 20 dollar USB drive that is on super sale for only 22.50!  I think they cackle in their posh offices like maniacal fiends as they watch the icicles grow from our noses.


I digress.


So, I decied to make this sleeve.  I made it.  I love it.  I’ve even decided to sell them to other people who want to protect their insanity investment.


I give you, the laptop sleeve.







I like it.  I lied.  I love it. 


Go forth and sleeve!


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