Repurpose and Recycle~

I was looking at my Hancocks of Paducah catalog the other day and found it fascinating to realize how many full color pictures there are in it.  I always hate it when it’s time to throw it away.

Then, I remembered that I have a shoebox I didn’t need anymore.  The idea grew, flourished, and today I planted the seeds.

The Ingredients:

An old fabric catalog (I used Hancocks of Paducah)

A shoe box



Scrapbook paper

“pretty” print paper.

Find pages you want to use…

Then I cut out the squares from the pages…

Separate by color/size

Until you have everything “just so.”

And then cut strips of “pretty” but print weight paper to cover the edges of the lid.

Then I made a template for the inside flap.  I chose to use paper to try it and then once it fit well inside, cut from scrapbook paper.

So… I cleared it all nicely around the edges so if they didn’t overlap well, it didn’t matter.  Then I started layering.  Next time, I’ll start with edges first and work inward.  I did it backwards this time.

And once all covered, I added a plain square on top…

And then I added a frame and a sticker to remind me what this is about…

Voila!  Complete

I’ll do the bottom half of the box soon and then I’ll decoupage it.  I’ll keep cards, cardmaking supplies, ribbons… something pretty in it.

One catalog bound for the trash- saved.

One shoebox bound for the trash- saved.

Yes, I spent a lot of time and glue in making it… I’ll “waste” a modge podge bottle to decoupage…

But… I’ll have storage from something I otherwise would have trashed.  Fun!


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