My New Organizational Toy…

I am so excited about this drawer.  I saw it at an estate sale and thought, “Hmm… it might be a good place to keep patterns or something… card making supplies… hmmmm.”  However… I opened the drawer… and look!  Thread drawers!  Aren’t they the coolest?

Ok, so they were full of cheap thread of dubious age but I can toss that easy peasy… I just like the DESIGN.  I want about fifty more of these babies!

This is how it works.  Neat little stair steps ensure easy reach, clear view of all colors, and if it gets knocked over, they’re not going anywhere!  (Don’t ask how it could get knocked over.  I can’t imagine but I’ve learned that nothing is impossible in a house full of children, children’s friends, neighbors, grandchildren, husbands, sleep-deprived wives….)

Grand total:  $10.00


5 thoughts on “My New Organizational Toy…

  1. Cool drawer! I have a board that hangs on the wall with the same principal in mind. It has 10 wooden dowels in 12 rows at a steep angle spaced just right and slanted just right…to keep my spools of thread organized on. We had the guy who made my custom built sewing desk make it for us back when we got married.

    • I used to have a wall one like you’ve described but unfortunately, I live in the desert… dust central. I like the drawers because they protect the thread from dust and our extreme sun damage.

    • Tally…. perhaps you can find a small drawer thing that you could let Josiah fit out with blocks of wood and dowels?

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