Doin’ the Can Can…

Can Can…

The project- Sewing Organization

The Ingredients: Paint Cans from Home Depot

Paper: Nature’s Sketchbook by Marjolein Bastin  (I tried to find a source for it, but I cannot!)  I just love the papers I used.  They came in a pack of several double-sided designs by Marjolein Bastin (one of my favorite artists).  I got them as a Christmas gift in an exchange I do with Hearth Keepers and I wanted to use these especially so I could use them as a reminder to pray for the giver every time I use them.  Won’t that be so cool!

Tape Runner: Scrapbook Tape Runner by Allary

Glue: 3M Scotch Scrapbooker’s Glue

Scissors: I love these from Cutter Bee

Paper Edge Punch: Stampin’ Up’s Eyelet Border Punch

Paper Cutter: Paper Rotary Trimmer by Carl

I started by cutting the paper the proper width of the can inside the rims.

Then I used the tape runner to tape it to the cans.  I cut 1″ strips from 12″x12″ paper and punched the edge to make this eyelet scallop.  Pretty isn’t it?  A little more tape runner and we’re set!

(Please excuse the filthy work surface… I got a little carried away)

Then I had to cut circles for the tops of the cans… not so easy!  Finding something JUST the right size was a bit daunting, but I managed.  Cut the circles…

Then, of course, I had to glue them down.  Here I used the Scotch glue stick… something easy and quick.

Rub it on good with the lid to ensure you got every spot secured to the lid…

And voila!  “All Done”

I just really need to know if they can be sprayed with polyurethane or decoupaged.  Does anyone know?

Also, does anyone have any brilliant ideas as to what I could put in them?  Elastic and buttons are the only things coming to mind.  I’d love for them to be useful as well as decorative!  Even if I have to… *cough* leave the lid off of one or two.  Sniff.  Packages of rick-rack, bias tape, piping, etc do not fit in them standing upright.  Sigh.


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