Coasters: Giveaway/Contest

I need coasters for my new sewing nook.  I can’t have sweaty glasses ruining my pretty little counters.  So, I need help.  For help, I come to blogland.

Here’s how this contest/giveaway will work.  You submit links to where I can see a picture of what you think I should make.  As long as I can make it, you can submit it.  I just don’t want to buy it.  They can be sewn, woven, crocheted, decoupaged… you name it.  I just need a stinkin’ coaster or four.

IF your suggestion is chosen, I’ll send you a set in whatever colors you like.  If I find something I like before someone sends me a link that I want, then I’ll make a random commenter a set in whatever colors they like.  Even if you don’t want them yourself, they’d make a great “Thinking of You” gift or something to add to a Christmas basket.

Bring on the suggestions!  I must see pictures.


62 thoughts on “Coasters: Giveaway/Contest

    • I really like the first ones. Simple, easy. No fuss no muss. The felted ones are amazing. I really want to learn to do that. The last ones just don’t grab me. I think the first are in the running. There’s something to be said for getting it done!

    • Those are really cute but I’m not sure I want to put that much work into them. It would take me forever to crochet those things! I love your aunt’s idea of leaving them on the glass if they’re dirty. Smart thinking!

  1. but what i might think would be great for your sewing corner and what i would want in my own house would probably be different…

    • Now I love that fabric. I wonder what would happen if I took a large floral, cut out the flowers, and then cut a back to match putting batting inside… hmmmmmmm

    • You gave me an idea. I could go buy another paint can or two and turn the lids into the coasters… hmmmmm What to do with the rest of the can…. Or turn my CURRENT lids into coasters. Double duty!

  2. Go here for general idea – only make them circular

    then go here –

    and save, resize, and print out some of the pictures to use on your coasters. I think those would be really pretty with the gold leaf edge shown at the artful crafter site. – She even has directions on how to seal the pictures before decoupaging them so that they don’t run. – since we all know how much you LOVE runny decoupage. 😉

    – Heidi

    • OOOH… I’m liking both the pinked edges (that’d be great for my flower one idea

      AND the loop. They could hang on my pegboard when not in use. How cool is that.

      But the tiles are definitely in the running as well.

  3. I know you want pics, but I haven’t been able to find any like what I made, and mine are packed somewhere. I quilted little circles and put them inside canning jar lids—-absorbent as well as keeps any liquid from soaking through . . . . . .

    • I was about to say that as much as I LOVE the idea (and I DO LOVE THE IDEA) I wouldnt’ have anywhere to put them (they’d take up more room than smaller flat ones.)

      HOWEVER… I just got an idea with those loops up there. I could sew a loop onto the quilt thingie and then hang them on my pegboard to decorate it a smidge.

      Sooooooooo they’re on the short (oh who am I kidding?) list. I really think I might go for this one.

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