Jenna’s Very Belated Birthday Outfit~

Jennas Birthday Outfit

Jenna's Birthday Outfit



Simplicity 4255

Simplicity 4255

The Mc Call’s I used for the bottoms and the Simplicity I used for the top but I altered it quite a bit obviously.

Fabric: Plaid 1.00 yard stuff from Walmart.  It’s a nice crinkle gauze and it washes amazingly well.  YIPPEE.  I love it when I find GOOD stuff on their dollar table (let’s face it, most is garbage but for 1.00 what do you expect.  I always look though because some of the nicest fabric I’ve ever bought has come from them.    For the shorts, I went and bought basic cotton print from the Walmart wall.  I had the perfect twills in a tote somewhere but I don’t know where and I wanted it done.  I wanted them cool so I went with this cotton.

Notions: 2 zippers, 1 button, and thread to match.

A close up...

One of the alterations I did on the top was to add sleeves.   I just cut the basic  “mini puff” sleeve shape out of fabric and voila.  Sleeves.  I bound them in self bias binding that I made.

I also added a full bodice back instead of the straps from the pattern.  I used the pattern front and laid it along the selvedge 5/8″ away from the “fold” and cut it straight up instead of in the sweetheart neckline and then scooped it a bit to acomodate the back neck.  Voila… everythign I wanted in a pattern.  I cut it off where the ruffles would be added… but I didn’t add them.

For some reason, I got into the binding mood because I bound the edges of the capris AND the edges of the top.  I was a binding fiend!


3 thoughts on “Jenna’s Very Belated Birthday Outfit~

  1. binding on the bias is such a nice finish!

    $1 fabric from Walmart is so unpredictable. I have made clothes from it that I am still wearing regularly 5 years later. It’s a great way to make trendy summer clothes, too, especially for growing children or for “play.”

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