Fencing in the Bedroom…

So, I wanted a “table runner” for my headboard.  I thought about scrapy blocks that make me smile, traditional runners, appliqued vines and flowers, and then I saw the picket block and decided to switch from applique to embroidery.  It’d give a hint of primitiveness which appealed to me.  I wouldn’t do specialty stitches… just a basic back stitch, a running stitch, and a couple of satin stitched centers and a lazy daisy or two.

Voila!  The completed project.  Man I need to paint my wall!!!

Part of why I chose the style I did, was because I was using what I had on hand.  The backing/batting is a quilted bedspread that I’d purchased to make window warmers and then never did.  The fabric I all had on hand and I was trying to keep the project to a “zero cost” adventure.  I think it worked well.


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