Trip Down Designing Memory Lane~

I was thinking about the fun I used to have designing boutique outfits when I had my eBay business, and decided to share a bit of the past… I thought it’d be fun…

Suddenly, I have the urge to create… wonder what I have tucked away in my stash…


13 thoughts on “Trip Down Designing Memory Lane~

  1. MAn. I feel daunted. I think I need to make Emma a cherry outfit… I want to make Emma that Jane Austen hat, remember how to do it?

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  3. Wow! My little girls need you to dress them *snicker*. Kyla is just swooning and Stella keeps saying “pretty”. They’ve efinately got a boutique tastes!

  4. You have such a flare for beauty and originality. Beautiful garments that I would love encasing myself in, but since they wouldn’t fit me; my Rosebud grandbaby.

  5. I remember so many of these! Chautona you are so talented. It’s funny, I have looked on Ebay recently just to see if anything compares to several years ago and it is extremely rare that there are outfits that match the quality and creativity of you and some of the other awesome designers from a few years back.

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