Card Making


  • Yellow Stampin’ Up! cardstock
  • Printed floral cardstock of dubious origin.  (I think from a pack of paper I got at Big Lots!
  • Green “Polka Nut” paper from Martha Stewart
  • Purple scrap paper from a pack
  • White cardstock– Big Lots I think
  • Scalloped edge punch from Stampin’ Up!
  • Rubber Stamps from Stampin’ Up!  (If you wanna know which, just ask… otherwise, I’m not lookin’ again)
  • Embossed Calling Card Labels from Martha Stewart

I was having fun making cards the other day and fell in love with this floral paper…

First, I’ll have you know, that with all my paper, Id idn’t quite have the right green or purple.  I dealt with it.  Second, I didn’t have a perfect fussy cut square so my “polka nuts” (as Lorna calls them) are showing and hiding… both.  Snort.  Third, I know that theologically speaking, the little saying on the card is wrong.  Deal with it.  I think the idea has merit even if taking it down to the core strips it of that merit.

Then there was this little problem of the dimensionals.  You see, I wanted those little pieces to pop off the card a bit, but unfortunately, it’s harder to mail, so I did half of them with tape instead.  Yeah.  It isn’t because I forgot about them or anything.  Of course not.   And as you see, one opens from the side.  That was for variety’s sake, not because I cut it wrong or anything.  Of course not!

All tied up and ready to mail to a “lucky” blog winner.


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