Give Me Ideas Giveaway!

Ok, so this week I made these cards…

There are four cards, all are a little different.  Just to mix it up don’tcha know.  I want to give them away.

Well, over at Paradoxology, I have this thing going every month to see how much change I collect in a month.  I need a blog prize for it.  So, post and give me a suggestion OTHER THAN CARDS (cause I’m getting redundant with that one) for what I can make for the blog prize over at Paradoxology and you win THESE cards!  Yippie Skippie.  Please do include links, but they may not show up at first if you have several.  Never fear, your post will be approved as soon as I know you’re actually helping rather than advertising Viagra or Cialis.  I’m not interested in those.  Just sayin’.

Deadline, March 31, 2010


6 thoughts on “Give Me Ideas Giveaway!

  1. Downloadable pattern to make something. I know there are people who write cute patterns.

    Recipe cards with your favorite recipes on them.

    Coasters made from fabric.


    Home made Bible cover or notebook cover.


    Home made coin purse.


  2. -Dresses for 9 and 7 y/o girls? (Just throwing those ages out there. No particular reason, and it’s entirely coincidental that these are my girls’ ages…)

    Since it’s a prize for the change you collect, make it something to do with change/coins:

    -A coin purse that clips onto a diaper bag strap
    -OR, something like this but smaller
    -A “wristlet” (this one is leather but you could do cloth)

    Not related to change:
    -a free e-book version of one of your books

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