Total Knock-Off Cards…


Upsy Daisy Stamp Set from Stampin’ Up!

Versamark Ink Pad

Stampin’ Pastels

Markers (I think we used Martha Stewart and Marvy)

Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set from Stampin’ Up!

Always Artichoke ink pad from Stampin’ Up!

Assorted papers that I am not sure what they all are.  Mostly card stock from Stampin’ Up! but some Designer papers from there too and at least one Martha Stewart paper (the gingham)

Glue Dots from Stampin’ Up! (do you see a theme yet?)

Dimensionals (Stampin’ Up! too)

Brads… (you guessed it!)


And some assorted ribbon and flowers I had laying around.  Buttons too.

Ok, so I loved this card from my Stampin’ Up Demonstrator’s website.  I mean, I REALLY loved it.  So much, that the first thing I did when I started figuring out what I wanted for my own Stampin’ Up Demo kit, I was determined to get this set.  I LOVE THIS CARD.  Just sayin’.

So, for Challice’s Birthday, we made cards.  Frankly, I think we need to do more.  Eight cards for one birthday isn’t enough.  We need to make more.  Just sayin’.

So, here be the cards…  Ready???

What do they look like, you ask?  They’re too far away, you say?  Well, I’m happy to oblige and show closer up picturoonies!  Behold!  The Upsy Daisyinator!  Wait, this isn’t the time for that back story.  Um….  Upsy!  Here are my daisies!

Red.  Just in case it’s not obvious.  After all, on my screen they have kind of a dark raspberry look.  Never fear.  RED.  A total copy right there.

Green!  I wasn’t sure I was going to like either of these, but they turned out kind of nice.  I like the understatedness and the fact that they really would work for anyone.  They’re a little ageless…  Sorta.

I was dying to try aquaishness.  I liked it.  Velly nice.

And, for the feminine lovers in my life… what is more girlie than pink and purple, gingham, and dotted Swiss?  Just Sayin’!

All in all, I am pleased.  Poor Barb got a call when we started and she had to explain how to do the chalkiness.  You see, you take a stamp.  We used the Upsy Daisy one from Stampin’ Up!  Then you pound that stamp with Versamark ink.  We marked it and visa versa.  Mmmwwwaaahahaha.  Then, just because she said to and I’m great at following orders don’tcha know,  we took Q-tips, dipped it in the Stampin’ Up!  “Stampin’ Pastels”. Painted those daisies like there was no tomorrow and voila.  Now, Barb told us to do the stems with our markers.  Well, we did.  Furthermore, we liked the result.  However, we still don’t know if we were supposed to do the ink first and then the Versamark pad or visa versa.  Since we thought they’d mark the versamark pad, we did visa versa.  Ink first, then marker.  It worked.  We also went over it with a smidge of chalk too.  Nice effect.

Just sayin’.

To make the card, I cut your typical 4.25″ x 5.5″ card and then cut a sheet of the patterned paper for the front.  So, my cards are plain white with a patterned front.  I did that because it meant I could work fast and not think.  The paper for the gingham would have been strong enough to be a sturdy card, but the red dot… not so much.  I almost did it that way with the gingham, but there was a problem.  The inside was another pattern then.  (Reversible paper.)  so, I went with just playin’ around and not worrying about it.  Personally, I think they would look better with a colored card stock.  White works, but it’s not GREAT.  Then I cut the squares for the stamped image (3 x 4″ I think) and then cut 3.25 x 4.25″  accent paper for behind it.  I popped those up.  Oh, an ingredient I didn’t mention… Crop-o-dile.  It is my friend.  Just sayin’.

Once we got the cutting done,  we made the cards very quickly.  You kind of have to or the Versamark ink dries out and the chalk doesn’t stick well.  Just sayin’.

I’m happy with color choices.  They were a lot of fun to make and I appreciate all Barb’s help in learning a new technique over the phone.  She told me what it’s called.  I can’t remember.  Oops!

Me, I’m just glad I have cards that aren’t Christmas.  I was getting kind of pathetic in that department.


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