Take & Make~

No, that’s not a typo.  You see, on the Wednesday night card club, I wasn’t feeling well.  So, I emailed my order, stayed home, and finished Cloaked in Secrets.  Well, when I picked up my order, the card pack was in there waiting for me!  Yippee!  So, tonight I made my cards.  It was fun.  Just sayin’.

First up…

Cup-full of Posies

I chose to do this one first because, well I love it.  After all, it has fabric, ribbon, paper, embroidery… it has it all!  Second, because all I had to do was stamp that cup and then voila!  The rest I did from my laptop while watching the Amazing Race.  Oh, my gravy it was a good episode.  There wasn’t a “deteer” tonight, but Jett impressed Cord with his brilliance in using the word “tranquility.”  After rolling the word over his tongue a few times, Cord said, “Like tranquil.”  Then, after Jett agreed and said, “Wow, write that down!”  Snort.  I love those brothers.

So, here’s what this was supposed to look like.  Barb (My SU Demonstrator)  CASEd this from Lisa Young, and I tried to do it as close as possible.  I didn’t have the LOVE stamp, so I went with my little “Get Well” stamp and just didn’t stamp the words on the paper.


(Please note:  I don’t know everything in here.  I can’t find my sheet of what she used, but it’s on her website!  Go check it out!)

SU Fun and Fast Notes stamp set

Pretty in Pink Stamp pad

Mini Glue dots (several!!!)

Soft Subtles Watercolor Crayons

It was a very simple card to make.  It probably took me a total of ten minutes to assemble and color once I stamped that teacup.  That’s it.

Then… I made this one!

For the Birds…

Ok, this one… I love the idea, I love what Barb did with hers, but I don’t love mine.  It’s fine.  I’m not embarrassed to send it out, but it’s too… meh.  Hers has more oomph.  Part of that is the ability to color the stamp she chose (I didn’t have one colorable going in the right direction) and part of it is the green paper.  I think I used the wrong side or something.  Maybe I just had different paper.  I don’t know.  Sometimes Barb has different paper options, but hey.  Who cares?  It’s a nice simple card and in a pinch, you could even send it to a guy.  That’s always a blessing.


SU Always stamp set

SU Soft Suede ink pad

SU Framed with Love stamp set

Thanks Doesn’t Come Cheep!

This card is very different from Barb’s version.  I didn’t have the colors, the stamp ideas… nothing.  So, I just went the easy route.  Now that I’m done, I realize I should have cut out the bird and popped it off the card.  Oh well.  That’s fine.  I’ll do it next time.  see… VERY different.  That’s ok, I like my little bird and I used up my card pack!  Yippee!


SU Fun and Fast Notes stamp set

SU Soft Suede ink pad

Soft Subtles Watercolor Crayons



There you have it.  My cards du jour.  It was fun!


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