Ok… Another Contest…

Because I’m lazy (and ’cause I like to have fun…) I’m leaving this to the pros… that’d be you guys for those of you who don’t read my mind.

I want a stamp that says… “Just Sayin'”

One of my kids said it once and I’m stuck on that thing.  So… find me a rubber or acrylic stamp that says Just sayin’.. and if I like it enough to buy it, I’ll make the winner a set of cards from it.

It can be in a set of stamps.  It can be from any company.  I just want it.

Just sayin’.

Post your links here, but dont’ panic if they don’t show up.  If you post more than 1 or 2, it’ll hold them for moderation.  Protects me from viagra dealers don’tcha know.


9 thoughts on “Ok… Another Contest…

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