Sketch Challenge~

Over at Split Coast Stampers, they have a thing they call a “Sketch Challenge”.  A “sketch” is a preplanned layout of card elements.  Here is an example of a sketch.

This is sketch number three, obviously.  It has at least three different papers… the white background, the gray strip across… and then, of course, the two pink ones that could be two different colors if you liked I suppose.

Sketches don’t have to be followed exactly.  By that I mean, you’re allowed to change the balance of things.  For example, number three, the gray strip, could be a little wider or narrower if you preferred.  In addition, the pink rectangles can be oblongs, long ovals, or “luggage tag” styled pieces.  Whatever floats your boat.  You’re allowed to adjust it.  Here are examples of actual cards made from this sketch to give you an idea.

So far there are almost three hundred different  sketches.  My goal is to make every single one.  Yeah, I’m ambitious.  However, I know I’ll need some encouragement to keep it up.  So, I have a plan.  I’m going to make two of each.  I’ll keep/use one, and I’ll store another in a lovely box (to be determined… hee hee) until I have made every single one.  Yesiree!  Your job?  Hound me.  If you haven’t seen a “Sketch Challenge” card on this blog in a week or so, post on one of them and say, “Hey, get to work, woman.”  Every single comment on every single Sketch Challenge card will give you an entry.  Every reminder to get to work on them is an entry.  At the end of the project, I’ll take all those entries, put them in a big bowl, and draw for a winner or winners.  Depending upon how many people enter, I may send one card to everyone who entered and the rest of the cards to whomever I draw.  However, if the “grand winner” won’t get a nice sized pile of cards and a nice box to keep them in, then I’ll just have one winner and a couple of runners up.  It all depends on how diligent you are to hound me and to keep abreast of this project!

So, stay tuned.  I’m about to post two cards!


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