SC04- Zen-derful…

Ok, so the name is corny.  Sue me.  In the interest of full disclosure, before I opened challenge 4, I told myself I had to stick as close to the sketch as humanly possible.  No huge deviations.  Basically, in a line up, I wanted my 5 year old to know which card I’d done.  I think I did it!  Here’s sketch 04.  What do you think?  I think it’s pretty close.  I made sure the base of the card showed on all sides, that the number two went all the way to top and bottom but the number three didn’t.  I made sure you could see number one on the right of two also.  All said, it’s pretty good in my not so humble opinion.  Yippee!

Ok… how I did it.


Stamps- SU Arte Oriental, SU Warm Words, SU Of the Earth

Paper- SU Black, SU Ruby Red (I am guessing here), SU Grayness (no clue… from the naturals pack), SU White… the flimsy stuff.

Ink- Versamark & SU Basic Black

Tools- Heat Gun, SU Mat Pack, SU Paper Piercing Tool

Adhesive- ATG tape, SU Dimensionals

Accessories- Embossing Powder

The actual process was very easy.  I cut your basic A2 base, cut a 2″ white strip (which was cut down after I stamped it and embossed it to 1.5 or 1.75″… can’t remember which).  Then I did this handy dandy little trick I learned on Split Coast Stampers last night.  I stamped the Arte Oriental bird onto Versamark ink… I made sure I got it nice and juicy.  Then I stamped it on the black classic ink pad (I don’t have craft ink in anything but white) and stamped it on the card stock.  Sprinkled it with clear embossing powder, torched it with a heat gun (I’m going to try candle later ala Willow) and voila!  I layered it with gray and red for Asian oomphishness and voila!  I love it.  I did the same thing to “happiness” and then used the mat pack and piercing tool to make little rows of piercings at the corners for fun.  I didn’t pop the bird off the card base, but I did pop the happiness banner over the bird so it’d lay smoothly.

Ok… what do you think?  Did I stick exactly to the plan?


9 thoughts on “SC04- Zen-derful…

  1. I’m not a lot into this particular “style”, but I think you did a great job on it. Especially so because I *do* actually like the final product.

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