Bricks Are for the Birds…

Or so I’ve heard.    This card is a leftover image from when I made the “Zen-derful” card for the sketch challenge.  I slipped while trimming it, and the edge curved inward too far.  So, couldn’t be used for that.  I stuck it in my scrap bucket and decided to figure something out later.  I’ve been wanting to try the brick wall technique ever since a fellow stamper over at Split Coast Stampers showed it to us, so I thought this was a perfect image to do it with.  After all, it was very small (only 7 rows of “bricks” by 3 rows the other way), so it wouldn’t be as likely to make me want to throw it across the room!  Hee hee.

I think it worked out nicely.  Here’s the scoop.


Stamps- SU Arte Oriental,

Paper- SU Grayness (no clue… from the naturals pack), SU White… the flimsy stuff, SU Paper…  no idea which.

Ink- VersamarkSU Basic Black & SU Basic Gray (for sponging)

Tools- Heat Gun

Adhesive- ATG tape, SU Dimensionals, & SU Glue

Accessories- Embossing Powder & Stupid self-adhesive ribbon from a couple of years ago… untouched because that stuff is evil… but it matched so I used it.  Yeah, I’m weird.

For something this small, I just used a ruler, drew lines, and cut apart with scissors.  Had it been a bigger one, I’d have gone with the paper trimmer instead.  On each row, as I cut it, I labeled each piece, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 2:1, 2:2, 2:3… etc.

It worked just great, was so easy.  I can’t wait to do a bigger more involved one!


6 thoughts on “Bricks Are for the Birds…

    • Well, technically that isn’t one of the Sketch Challenge ones.

      I’m actually sitting around playing with other stuff while I wait (would you believe I just wrote wate????) for one of the other stampers to catch up with me.

      I’m putting up another “non SC” card tonight… just cause I can.

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