Cherry Cheater Card

The CCC has struck, but I survived.  “Why is this a cheater card?” you ask?  Well, I’ll just tell you then.  I’m accommodating that way.  You see, I needed that green paper a week or so ago.  I don’t remember why.  So, then I cut a couple of card bases from it.

I’d love to say the whole “show off the cherries inside” was deliberate, but actually, I was planning on green inside and cherries outside.  Then I cut the base too short.   So, I folded it at the normal spot and let the other end overlap.  Worked dandified.

I don’t have any cherry stamps.  Furthermore, I don’t have anything that remotely fits with cherries, so I kind of had to wing it.  You know, make it up as I go.  Just call me Indiana Jones.

To be truthful, I think they’re pretty pathetic.

So, how did I create these stunning specimens of awesome patheticness?


Paper- SU Designer paper.  Cool stuff I might add.  SU Black, SU Ruby Red (I am guessing here)

Ink- SU Craft White

Stamps- Unity May Store KOMt sentiment

Tools- SU Flower punch, SU border punch

Accessories- SU Clear Bitty Buttons, Martha Stewart Colored Pencils

Adhesive- ATG-714 and thin glue dots

So I found this picture online of blossoms and cherries.  Do I think that flower looks anything like a cherry blossom?  Nope.  Then again, does this?  See what I mean?  Mine looks more like a copy of that than a real cherry with blossom but it’ll work.

I added circles, popped up dimensional thisses and did some other thats.. and voila!  One finished card (ok, technically two.)

No, I don’t like it any better than I did, but it works.  I’m off to finish another card of some sort or another.


8 thoughts on “Cherry Cheater Card

  1. Those are so neat! I don’t know how you find the time to do everything you do. I feel like such a slug in comparison.

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