Review: ATG-714 Tape Gun

So the first card class I went to, this gal was using something very similar, if not identical, to this.  I thought she was nuts.  Absolutely nuts.  Why use that big old thing to work on something so small?  I figured it’d be a little cheaper, but the trade-off didn’t seem worth it.

Well, a year later, I did my research.  I’d made enough cards, that I thought it was time discover if the thing was really worth the cost.  You see, I’d purchased a TON of tape runners similar to the “snail” ones from Stampin’ Up! at the .99 store and it took me a long time to go through them all.  So, I went back to get more, and guess what.  No more.  ARGH.  So, I asked on some boards, talked to people who had it, and did a lot of research.  I swear, I’ve never researched something so inexpensive before in my LIFE.  OY.

Ok,  here’s the skinny.

Tape Runners such as I purchased from the .99 store look like this.

Almost 23′ of tape on this little sucker for .99.  That is a whoppingly low price of .04 per foot.  Not too shabby.

However, full price (since I can’t get the cheaper .99 anymore) is 4.00 (assuming you don’t pay shipping)  That is .17 per foot.  (And that is the exact brand that I got at the .99 store too!  Direct comparison.  it’s even more if you compare it with the Stampin’ Up! Snail!

By contrast, the tape that goes in the tape gun is 3.49 for 36 yards.  That is 108 feet which works out to .03 per foot.  Now, that isn’t so much lower than my dollar store score, but I can’t get that dollar store score anymore!    So… we’re talking an 82% reduction!

My next concern was ease of use.  Let’s face it, those little things keep your hands close to the card!  I was afraid that big old thing would be clumsy and awkward.  Especially considering I have small hands.   Well, good news.  It is easy as pie to use.  I mean EASY.  I was so excited!

Can you toss your little runners away and stick only to the ATG?  No.  In my opinion, there are times where the little runners are easier to use (why can’t I remember what I was making!!!) but for the most part, I always reach for my gun.  The savings is enough that it’ll quickly pay for itself.  I purchased myself from a framing supply company online and got it within a week of purchase.   I don’t know if I’ll buy my refills from them or see if they’re cheaper on eBay.  I have heard that eBay is a better route, but I haven’t looked it up yet.

So… I give the ATG-714 (for 1/4″ wide tape) a huge thumbs up.


4 thoughts on “Review: ATG-714 Tape Gun

  1. I don’t know what to say, how to comment, I have no interest in tape or things of tape… but I said I would comment on every post and, well, here I am. Tape is good.

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