Lessons I’ve Learned As a New Stamper…

Ok… so when I first started, I had strong opinions on what I thought I’d love and what I didn’t think I’d like at all. I thought it might amuse you to see my journey.

Stamp-a-ma-jig- wasn’t going to buy it. After all, it’s just a plastic “T”. Surely I can learn to stamp straight without adding work and spending more money on “tools.” Finally caved in and bought it. Love it.

Score board- wasn’t going to buy it. I watched several videos on the Scor-Pal and couldn’t justify 40 dollars plus tax, license, and extortion fees for something that I assumed would mostly be used for creasing cards. I thought about creating “embossed” lines etc, but I hated that the lines weren’t equidistant, so I decided no. Then I saw the Martha Stewart board for 20 dollars and with equal lines. Read reviews, found one for 10 dollars plus 5.00 shipping. For 15, I was willing to try it. Love it. Love it.

Big Shot- Didn’t know if it would be used enough to make it worth the investment. It is. Just sayin’.

ATG- Wasn’t going to buy something so expensive that would probably be a pain to use. Did the math when I couldn’t buy my runners at the .99 store anymore. The ATG is cheaper once the gun cost is made up, so I bought it. L.O.V.E. it…

Punches- I decided that I wanted to use my Big Shot in lieu of buying punches. Snort. Yeah. Laugh now. LOVE my nestabilities and other dies, but um… yeah. Punches are fast, easy and paper savers!

Trimmer- So, before I ever made cards, I was working on a journalish book as a blog prize for my “blog opera.” The ladies reading it all wanted a “Willow Journal” (not to be confused with stamp Willow). So, I went to Staples, bought a nice Carl trimmer, and it works great for what I bought it for. It has served me well. I like it. Except when I need something narrower than 1.5″ Then I hate it. H.A.T.E. I swore I’d just use my rotary cutter and quilting mat/ruler, but today, I decided to read up on trimmers. Finally found one that I didnt’ find anyone saying they didn’t like. Rock Paper Trimmer. I go to Amazon. 90 bucks. Um, not happening. I don’t need an mp3 dock for my trimmer for heaven’s sake. I don’t need SPEAKERS for my trimmer. I don’t even own an mp3 player! Then I found it on clearance for 40 bucks. Ok, that I can swallow. Speakers and all. So, the verdict is out on that one.

Stampin’ Up! This one is probably heresy. I only started stamping because I saw invitations a friend made, and it looked like fun. So, I did something I NEVER do and contacted a local demonstrator, whom I had never met, and asked if I could buy a catalog. She agreed. Smart lady. Then she invited me to a Stamp Club as a guest. I went. I had fun. That I went is bordering on the miraculous. I knew I’d have fun. After a year of doing almost all my stamping at her house at card clubs, she suggested being a hobby demo. She was certain I’d save money. Yeah. I’d already started hoarding. Hee hee. So I did. And, in order to keep myself reined in, I decided I’d only buy SU stamps and ink. I assumed I’d buy other designer paper, but I planned to only buy SU solid color card stock. Less temptation, right? Yeah. Well, le demo sent me here. I met an ippity gal. Fell in LOVE with ippity. Guess what I buy too much of? Yep. Unity too. Oh, and I bought a Gina K too, but I’m not sure how much I’ll like hers. I have to dig out hubby’s killer scissors to cut the things apart. That wasn’t in the plan. So, this SU demo is branching out. I still buy a LOT from SU (obviously), but my original plan to stick to them nearly exclusively flopped. Huge. I am not sorry.

Crop-o-dile- I couldn’t see the point. Then I saw a video. I could finally use the eyelets I had. Found a cheap one on eBay, and bought it. Loved it. Then I learned that there was a bigger one that went all the way to the middle of a page. EEEK. I almost regretted buying it, but then I read that there are those who don’t like the bigger one. Who knows. IF I get to where I need one, I’ll buy it and see for myself.

So far I haven’t given in to…

Copic- At first I said, no way. Too expensive. Then I did the math comparison to SU’s markers. Cheaper in the long run. So, I decided that it’d be a good move in the long run. Then I found out you can’t color directly on the stamps. No go. Now I learn that you can color on the stamps but you have to use alcohol or something, so it’s back up for grabs again. My husband is going to HOWL at me. (he’s always saying, “Just try it.” I’m always saying, “these things add up to big bucks!)

Cricut- I started to buy the Expression two years ago. My problem? I couldn’t decide if I’d really use it. I wanted to KNOW, before chucking 300 at a gizmo. Then I discovered the Silhouette. Decided, for me, it was a better option. Cartridges aren’t really my friend. From what I could see, I liked 1/4 of the images on each. I thought it’d be cheaper to go the Silhouette route. Then, I discovered the Big shot. Wasn’t sure about it. I mean, all those dies, right? That’s like having to store cartridges! BLECH. Then, I discovered the embossing folders etc. Something the Cricut couldn’t do (probably do now, haven’t checked, but then, no.) Sooooooooooo I decided if I used the Big Shot enough, I’d let myself buy the Silhouette or Cricut. So far, I’m satisfied with what I have. Don’t know if I’ll go digital on that one or not.

Craft Spots- I did have the “brilliant” idea of buying all the Craft Spot colors so I’d have any color I needed, AND I’d be able to emboss, change the color of hardware etc. Then I read about them drying out. EEK. Decided not to… JUST before I learned about the color change. WHEW. I am still tempted, but honestly, I don’t LIKE Craft Ink. It’s blechy.

Cutter Tool- The verdict is out. I can’t figure out why I would want it. So far, a steak knife is fine for roughing up edges. If I see something that shows me why I should buy it, maybe. But I’m in the “no way” zone right now. Then again, most of my “no ways” have become favorites, so what do I know?

Was sure I’d love and didn’t?

Circle Cutter- I was sure this would be the best thing for me. Why buy dies, punches, and the like when you can cut any size circle you need with a nice flat thing that stores easily. Brilliant. Hate it. H.A.T.E. with a passion that can’t WAIT for the day I can toss it in the garbage. Despise. Evil. E.V.I.L. Just sayin’.

SU White Card Stock- The pits. Just sayin’. It’s fine for layering a stamped image or something, but they don’t even offer a base weight white. Grr. So much for my sticking to them for solid colors. I am LOVING the thicker stuff I’ve seen from Gina K, Neenah, and Papertrey. I’m sold… even on colors. *ducks head in shame* Snort.

Flower embellishments- Was SURE I’d use tons. Hardly touch them. Who knew? I’m still convinced that the two tins full of them that I have will eventually see paper.

One rule I try to remember for myself is, “The third time you wish you had xyz, you can order it.” It does work. A few things I’ve wished for once… maybe even twice, but not many have hit three– yet. Hee hee. Kraft envelopes were one. I got sick of seeing cards in ivory envelopes when they NEEDED craft.

There you have it. That’s all I can think of… for now. We’ll see what comes up next.


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