Time to Pick a Winner!

So, I promised that on the blog hop thing for Ippity this week, I’d give away the card I made.  Lemme show you…  See!  That one.

so, I ran over to Random.org and plugged in all 57 entries (I think that’s the most I’ve ever had for one of my blog prizes.  WOW!)  I hit the random integer thingie and got…

Thirty two!  So… I scrolled down the list, counted each entry, recounted when I got interrupted, recounted again when I got interrupted… AGAIN… and voila.  Got it.  Then I had to count again to make sure I was right.  I only got interrupted once that time.

So, the winner is… (I really should make you count it out yourself you know…

SHARTON (a.k.a. Sharon).  It just goes that perseverance, persistence, and peskiness (the 3 p’s of blog posting… man this is appropriately alliterative!)

So, Sharon, email me your addy cause I’m too lazy to look it up!  And congrats.  Snort.


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