Happy Birthday to Me……….

Yeah, it’s a smidge late, but considering the reason, I totally get it.  When you adopt a baby with reflux issues that keep you from sleeping, getting to the post office just isn’t a priority.  Besides!  This package made my day today in a way that it probably couldn’t have back in July!   Wanna see why?  Of COURSE you do!

I love EVERYTHING.  It’s all just awesome!  I’m so thankful, JoAnn!  I can’t wait to use everything.  Yes, the TicTacks are gone… I shared.  I was a nice mommy.  The Lavender/Lemon candle… AWESOME!  LOVE it.  Must find more.

The funniest part is, if I’d seen a lot of those stamps in the store, I’d probably have passed them by without really looking at them.  Once they were open, I was looking at them, and I got a DOZEN ideas right away.  Those stamps are WONDERFUL!  Thank you so much!

Funny aside.  Right around my birthday, Challice and I were talking about how I don’t have much in the way of purple paper (weird since I love purple) and look!  You sent purple!

All in all… I’m just happier than a June Bug!


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