De-stash Event

Several of us on my message board are working like dogs to reduce our fabric, yarn, and/or paper stashes.  So, for the past few days, I’ve been planning, thinking, sewing, thinking, sorting, sewing, thinking…. you get it.

Now, if you think of it, when you’re trying to use up fabric as fast as possible, you don’t start by doing little details like hand embroidery and applique– well, unless you’re me that is.

My first outfit… 3 yards used.  (The overskirt really helps.  Hee hee)


Well, it has the Lorna seal of approval… she wore it all day and didn’t ask once to “play dress up” (her “sneaky” way of getting permission to change clothes).  *pumps fist*

3 yards down… 2.5 for tomorrow… another skirt is almost done!



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