It’s Been a Little While…

So, I did the Make ‘n’ Take.  I need to post the cards from that.  It was a huge success in my book.  I took twenty-four sets of each card and came home with less than ten sets.  I need to give those extras away.  Why haven’t I done that yet?  Well… for the same reason I haven’t made cards since then.  I just realized it today.

My friend, Teresa, called today and we chatted.  I tend to like to work while I’m on the phone.  I can’t just sit and talk.  I can just sit and do nothing if you’re in the room with me, but once I get on the phone, my cleaning bug kicks in.  Yeah.  I need to talk on the phone more.  No wonder I hate it.  Snort.

Anyway, while I was talking, I decided to put those boxes of things away.  See, they weren’t spread all over my room making a mess.  Everything was neatly contained in the box I’d used to separate the things for each card.   I just hadn’t emptied them.  So, I did.  I peeled the stamps off the acrylic blocks and put them back in their cases.  I put the cases away.  I put the blocks away.  I even put away the scraps, extra paper, and the punches.  Four emptied boxes.  It felt GREAT.

Suddenly, I wanted to stamp.  Go figure.  Isn’t that how it always is?  You get your area cleaned up and usable and BAM… you want to use it.  It isn’t’ rocket science, but it sure feels like it.  I didn’t, though.  See, tonight was our Stamp Club up at my demonstrator’s house.  I knew I’d be stamping, so instead I made exciting things like potholders (long story).

That just fueled the excitement.  I can’t WAIT to stamp again.  Can’t WAIT.  The cards we made tonight were fun, inventive, and I am just dying to get going on new ideas I have.   So… stay tuned.  The stamping bug is back.  WOOT!

Tonight’s cards…


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