Wood Mount vs. Cling Mount vs. No Mount Stamps

Ok, everyone seems to have a preference regarding how their stamps are mounted.  I thought I’d share what I’ve learned and discovered regarding the different types of mounting styles.


Ok, now frankly, I do like wood.  Larger ones are pretty on a shelf and are easier to use for me than large cling mount ones.    I love wood mounted sentiments because I can make a single Stamp-a-ma-jig sheet that I keep with them at all times.  Makes using them faster (and cheaper– no more used up vellum!).  However, wood takes up double to triple the space as other styles of stamps.  Organizing them is also less simple.  I’ll never give up wood all together, but since space is a premium in my home (and particularly in my stamping area) I’ll definitely choose cling or clear when I can.


Cling mounted stamps are like wood in that the rubber is attached to foam.  However, instead of the big wood block, there is a clear film over the foam and that attaches to an acrylic block.  LOVE a lot of things about cling mounts.   First, they fit nicely in the SU Clear Cases which means they stand on my shelf like pretty little DVD cases.  So simple and organized.  What I don’t like is that the cling part is just thick enough to make it hard to double stick them in those cases, so you can USUALLY only fit them on one side of the case.  However, you can occasionally fit another one in there.  If they had half the foam attached, it’d be perfect.  Other than that, I have no complaints at all about cling mount.  I do find SU’s cling stuff not to work as well as other companies.  I’m going to try it without the image on it and see if it works better.  While other companies can be scrubbed on the scrubber without trouble, SU’s often get knocked off.

Flat Rubber-

When I first ordered stamps from England–Elzybells–I wondered what kind of cling I should buy for them, so I went to ask.  SCS is full of amazing resources, and one of the stampers said that she prefers not using any cling.  So, I researched, bought some Allene’s Tack It Over and Over, and tried it.  You put the glue on the back of the stamp, let it dry, and then wham!  Just stick it to the block and stamp away.  This is actually my favorite way to stamp.  I have fewer inked edges etc. with this method.  NICE crisp lines.  The works.

Clear Stamps-

I haven’t used them much, but they aren’t my favorite.  Someday, I’ll make the effort to really get into that learning curve, but right now, I’m having too much fun with rubber to stress about polymer.

3 thoughts on “Wood Mount vs. Cling Mount vs. No Mount Stamps

    • Oh! Roll. Speaking of which. HATE roller wheel stamps. HATE em with a passion. So, I take my off the wheel, put the tack it over and over on the back, and now I have a nice long stamp. PERFECT. Makes my day.

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