I was browsing the internet the other day… just looking at what was available, when I found this dress.    I loved it.  It seemed so cool, refreshing… just what you’d want for a summer sundress.

Well, I had this fabric I’d found at Wal-Mart recently, and I loved it.  So, I decided to do a little “copying.”  Mine isn’t a direct copy… my dress is fuller than theirs and I didn’t use as many pleats on the bodice as they did.  Furthermore, I had to use rick-rack instead of the crocheted trim, but I think it looks just lovely the way it is.

I started with cutting a rectangle for the center.  I folded it over 1″ stitched 1/4″ measured 1″ from there to fold and sewed another 1/4″ line.  Repeated that until I thought it was long enough.  The straps were 18″ by 2″ or so.

Once I got the straps there, I measured it on Lorna, took off some of the sides at the bottom and tapered it toward the top fold.  If I had it to do over, I would have made the top 1″ narrower at least and then tapered again.

The ruffles on the side were about 6″ wide by 36″ long, folded in half, and the ends tapered toward the fold.  The side pieces were 5″ x 7″  or so and folded in half.  The side of the dress is completely open.  Lorna will need a little tank top to make it modest.  Oh, well.

I did 2 skirt panels at 36″ and 3 ruffle panels (full 45″ width).  This dress reminds me of a Kitty Benton pattern I had when my oldest girls were little.

As you can see from the top, I did the tucks farther apart than April Cornell.  I’m good with that.  Totally good with it.

More dresses to follow.  I was a sewing fiend last week when Kevin was bored out of his skull in the Bahamas.


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