Ribbon Storage

Ok, we all know I live in a small house and have very little space for things.  Ribbon often comes on large spools.  It’s pretty, fun even, but kind of um… bulky.

Originally, I kept my paper in 12×12 drawer units.  Well, that didn’t last long.  So… I emptied them into magazine holders.  That left empty drawers.  One day, I decided to cut up some chipboard into “bobbins,” wind my ribbon around said bobbins, and voila.  Instant storage.

I did that.  I liked it.  It was messy.  Very, very messy.  Every time I used a bobbin, the drawer got messier.  It wasn’t working.  I went in search of a new solution.  I found this blog.  LOOK.  See those drawers?  Those are my drawers!  Those are my bobbins.  Those are my dividers!

Well, now they are.  That’s the solution.  I tried it.  My fan box became dividers.  If I loved it (and I do) I’d cover those dividers with contact paper and voila!  For now, it looks like this.

I had to trim all my bobbins a little bit smaller, but hey.  Who cares!  WOOT!.  Sure, it’s kind of messy, but come on.

I’ve used it half a dozen times since I put those dividers in there.  This is after use.

I’m thinkin’ I’ve found my solution.  The lower drawers hold spools that still have a LOT of ribbon on them.  Five yards or so is about all I like on the ribbon.  Thicker ribbons, more like 3-4.

Tip:  When winding, make sure you go back and forth evenly.  If you do that, then the spools won’t be bulky.

LOVE this solution.


3 thoughts on “Ribbon Storage

  1. Good solution. I’d steal it from you, but I have only about 7 pieces of ribbon, so it wouldn’t be as useful for me . . . . .

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