Preliminary Pics of my Stamping Space

Recently, my oldest girls moved into what we affectionately call “The Annex.”  This is a fancy way of saying we kicked their bums to the curb– er garage.  No worries, there’s heat, cooling, and all kinds of other nice things like pretty floors and walls out there.

So, we painted the walls in the back room, moved ALL the curricula and books out of our bedroom (which once doubled as a library, resource center, sewing corner, craft room, dumping ground, oh and when desperate, sleeping quarters), and filled a couple of walls in the back room.  WOOT.

I now have space.  Been working on my craft area for over a week.  Still not done, but this is how it’s looking thus far.  So much nicer.

Note the pretty lamp.  It’s not really my colors… or even my style, but it’s beautiful and my Great Aunt Earlene made it, so I treasure it.  The photo of Kaylene and Nolan eating watermelon is a fave.  In the Scentsy warmer today is “Fresh Cut Grass.”  The doll is Imogene.  I just named her tonight after the stamping friend who bullied encouraged me to post pictures– before I was ready.  This wasn’t necessary to show, but I love that doll, remember fondly the hours a young friend and I spent making her, so I decided to show her off.  Below her is…

My packing cabinet!  Holding spare books for shipment (I NEED to replenish my stock!  No Wynnewood, almost NO Aggie… HORRORS!.  I also need more bubble mailers and to find where my tape gun went.  The bottom shelf is Kevin’s.  It holds incomprehensible books talking about interfaces and other equally horrifying things.  I show this because it also has my laminator and I’m sure that has something to do with stamping and stuff, right?

Ok, at the top left are all my WRAK images.  These are the images people have stamped for me.  The shelf below represents MOSTLY stamps I have purchased because people sent me images of something and I fell in love. All my beloved PSX stamps are here.  I need more.  Just sayin’.

Ok, the very bottom of the last pic and the very top of this pic are double rows of the white boxes you see on the second shelf in this pic.  The first two on the left are full of Sketch Challenge cards that I’m giving away at the end of this Sketch Challenge Journey!  The others are duplicate cards and then empty boxes.

Here we have stamps!!!  The top row is mostly Ippity and Unity.  There are also Elzybells, Cornish Heritage Farms, Wild Rose Studio, Lili of the Valley, Our Daily Bread, Impression Obsession, and a few others.

Below it are two more empty white boxes (got those at IKEA btw… Kassat or something like that) with an SU card box on top.  That mostly holds cards I do at stamp clubs or for other challenges other than Sketch Challenges.  To the right of that is a white handled tin that holds my bling– pearls, rhinestones, etc.  Then there are my SU stamps.  Well, actually, fourth over from the left is one Amuse set.  Note how well it blends in.  I love that.  I also love that set.  It won’t be my last Amuse set.  I promise.  Then…

The bottom shelf is my Big Shot “center.”  Wow, that sounds so official.  It holds my Big Shot (which is going to get a pretty new cover now that I can get to my sewing area again), embossing folders, and nestabilities.  Ok.  To the right of the big shot is a file thingie that holds my embossing folders.  I’ll be taking pictures of how that all works when I do a full thing.  I will also be washing the right side of that shelf.  EW.  Ok, to the right of the embossing folders are double stacked “File-n-Store” by Memorex.  I tell you this because these things are AWESOME.  They hold my Nestabilities.  No, I don’t own that many, but I’m prepared.  Just call me a Boy Scout and gimme your credit card.  I’ll prove it!  To the right of that are extra cutting plates etc.

Ok, now see how raw I’m being here?  I mean, come on!  I even showed my drawer with the missing screw so I have a one screwed drawer pull.  For the record, that holds about half my paper.  It’ll hold ALL my paper as soon as I get the rest moved in.  Just sayin’.  Below that is mostly SU patterned paper.  In the cubbie above the drawer are extra envelopes.  In the drawer is…. NUTTIN.  It’ll have something some day, I am sure.  In the drawers on the left are stamps.  LOTS of stamps.  Mostly Stampin’ UP!  Not all, but mostly.

Ok, top three white drawers on the right hold things like sponges, adhesives, and coloring chalks etc.  Top three white drawers on the right hold nothing.  If you look to the right of the brown drawers (I’ll get to those) , you’ll see two of those white boxes from Ikea.  Those are the sketch challenge boxes!  😀  I’ll explain the rest in the next pic.  I hope.

Ok, see those cool Fira drawers by Ikea?  NUTTIN in them puppies–  yet.  I intend to paint the outside a nice bright white (do you see a theme?) and I’m going to do pretty drawer fronts with my favorite papers!  WOOHOO!  On top of that is… My clear blocks from Stampin’ Up in their case.  Hate that case BTW.  It is a poor design.  That stupid hinge comes off every time I open it.  I have also broken many nails and bent even more back trying to get the dumb things out of the case.  I spent good money for it though, so I’m forcing me to use it until I find someone who wants it.  Then maybe I’ll suck it up and give it away.  Maybe.  Anywho, next to that are my prismacolors– in SU Clear DVD case boxes.  LOVE that.  In front, in the white pencil can are my Martha Stewart pencils.  Ok, see the black things that hold markers?  The bottom one holds Copics.  The top one holds SU.  Don’t ask why they are in that order.  It doesn’t make sense, but since this is me, it makes perfect sense that it makes no sense.  Above that are Crystal Light containers (My kids are getting an infusion of aspertame for a week or three while we drink it up) for my Copics.  WOOHOO!  Between the marker things and the prismas are my Stamp scrubbers and some images I stamped that I want to color.

Ok, my stamp pad organizer is pretty self-explanatory.  On top I keep my reinkers and my Tacky glue– oh, and my Stamp cleaner spray.  Also, top right cubbies hold my stickles.  I’m sure you needed to know that.  The little wire mesh things are double stacked on top of my extended plates for my Big Shot and hold dies, sizzlets, etc.  The basket holds non SU acrylic blocks.  Oh, and yes, I grab those first.  They’re convenient and the basket doesn’t rip in half every time I reach into it.  Ok, now beside that brown organizer box is a beige strip.  It’s hard to see, but it’s there.  That’s my scoreboard.  Martha Steward.  MY FRIEND.

Above all that is a huge shelf.  I intend to take over that shelf someday and rid our room of the movie library.  Gotta find a new home for those things first. Sigh.

Ok, this is my stamp table.  See that brown “row” that divides white from containers?  That’s where the hinges are.  It’s a simple matter of kicking the legs out from under the table, rolling them back under those containers, and flopping that whole side down to cover it all.  Nice, eh?  Ok, don’t ask why the stamp case is out there.  I really don’t know.  I’m so confused.  Even more confusing is the mouse.  For the record, my mouse stays with my laptop.  I kind of need it for computing.  Not so much for stamping.  Ok, the blue thing holds my tools.  My ATG gun, my rulers, my scissors, Stamp-a-ma-jig, paper piercer, mat pack… lots of stuff.  The first white container from the left is patterned paper.  Things like October Afternoon, Memory Box, Jillibean, SU… etc.  The next one is scraps.  The right side is patterned stuff, but if you flip from the left it’s all solid.  The next is a jumbled mess that needs to be organized.  The same goes for the next.   BARELY to the right of that, the redish pink streak is… MY CUTTER.  Love it.  That reminds me that I need to go up to the top and show you my scoreboard.

I’ll show the rest of stuff later… more explanation, inside things… the works.  But, this is for Imogene– because she’s a wonderful gal who made me hurry to get it done.  🙂


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