SC180- Sacrifice

This is take two with this stamp set. As “meh” as the last card was, this one I love. LOVE. I just can’t believe how well it turned out. Hope my little friend is happy with his first cards! Hope his soldier friend is too!

Meanwhile, I am stunned at how much of a difference the stitching on the red made. I tried leaving it off one to show everyone, and couldn’t. So, I took a picture. Then I put the stitching in the red when I was done with the pic.

Also, be smarter than I am. Don’t be so convinced that you aren’t going to stitch every layer and assemble all the cards before sewing. Sure as shootin’, you’ll decide you want that stitching line on EVERY layer… and then you’ll realize that you have about 1/4″ tips of triangles you have to stitch separately… UGH.

I’ve lost my mind, but I’ve got a card I love to prove it anyway!

13 thoughts on “SC180- Sacrifice

  1. This card looks really nice. I love the soldier stamp. I still can’t get over stitching on paper…that seems so improbable to me. But it sure looks good 🙂

  2. What a lovely card! I love how you framed the image! I am sure the soldier will love the card and the sentiment behind it! Congrats on being selected ODBD Customer Card of the Day!

  3. What a very special card. I have had a lot of my friends with their children in the war. Thank God they are all home. One has very bad PTS but is doing better. Praise God. This is a stunning card and u did a great job on it. TY for sharing. This is my first time on your blog and I am sure I shall return.

  4. Congratulations on your wonderful card being chosen as Our Daily Bread’s Customer Card of the Day! This is my forst time to visit your blog… I will be back!

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