SC182- Just Be That Way

Unlike Benny Goodman, it’s a great thing to be– this sentiment.

This card has an amazing story. It all started with all those tiny squares. I mean, the logical thing to do is make it “quilt like” so I went to my scrap bucket. I found a paper with various “dots.” I liked that. From there, I started looking for coordinating paper colors. Found my nine scraps. Looked ’em over, and chose my poppy, aqua, and yellow for mats etc. Then I started trying to figure out what size to cut the card and the squares. NOT easy to figure.

Then, I found this card.

ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME AS MY IDEA! Colors and all. Ok, she has red and I have poppy, but honestly!!! I’d planned for my aqua to be my base but when I saw how much I liked this card, I switched. I’d also planned on a bow being below the sentiment. When I saw those flowers, I changed my mind and went with a flower. I mean, come on. It’s cute!!! So, this card is technically copied… but not. All at the same time. How weird is that?

I prefer her sentiment size/font ideas, but I love what mine says. 🙂


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