So, this week was pretty cool…

I didn’t get much done– not really.  However, it was my birthday this week, I worked on my stamp space, and got some more stuff cleaned out.  I wrote about 10k words at least, so it was a successful week even though my card attempts were absolute failures.

First, my new ledges for my wood stamps that are not parts of sets.

And this shows what it looks like when my stamp table is in place but the leaf is down.

Aren’t they great?  For 20 bucks, I got four four foot shelves.  Not too shabby!… but kind of chic… sorta!

I also made a bit of a change to my recent stamp organization.  Lookie here.

Lousy picture, but there you have it.  That used to hold my unmounted wood stamps, but with the empty shelf there, I decided to go for paper.  However, there are windows on the opposite wall.  So, I covered it with the curtain.  🙂  Lift it over the boxes above and…

And, on my birthday, I woke up to a comment in my favorite chat thread at  It sent me to this link.  My card!  On my birthday!  And they even made a cool write up about my books– sort of.  Hey, anyone who mentions my books is totally cool beans in my book.  🙂



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