SC203- Kindergarten Kristmas

‘Cause I’m pretty sure I could have done this better back then. It looked GREAT in my mind. My mind lies.

I’ll be redoing this one sometime. Just not now. It’s too raw– too painful. Oh, the pain! The eyes bleed.

I’ve been trying to teach my children the words melodramatic and histrionics. How was that? 😉 Seriously, I don’t like it, but it’s just because it’s meh, not because it’s THAT bad. (And if it is, don’t tell me. I can’t take it).

Oh, and I chose to misspell Christmas out of respect for Jesus Christ.  Just seemed rude to spell it correctly for something so inadequate.  Oh, and this is a UIU (use it up)  No virgin paper was sullied in the making of this card.


Stamp-  Northwoods “Candy Wreath”
Paper-  SU Riding Hood, SU Christmas paper
Ink-  Memento black
Accessories-  Cheesy red ribbon tied in a pathetic bow.
Tools-  Colored pencils and skillful use of the boringinator
Adhesive-  Glue spots and ATG tape.


3 thoughts on “SC203- Kindergarten Kristmas

  1. Funny I should come across this card now as I read this, my girlies and Caleb are singing Christmas songs with their dollhouse people. Away in the Manger and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

    So you are not going to mass produce the card for Christmas?

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