SC229- Summer Strength

Ok, so the title stinks, but I love the card. It just screams “Summer” to me. The golden of the yellow is so sunny looking, the vibrant flowers, the green of grassiness… too cool. Soooo I kind of went with it.

I’d totally do a few things differently if I did it again, but I LOVE this card. It makes me smile. 😀 See??? SEEE??? 😀 Yeah, yeah??? *nods eagerly*

Oh forget it. The card works. The recipients will like ’em. That’s good enough for me.


Stamps: Ippity “Devoted”
Paper: PTI Cream, October Afternoon roses, SU Cobbler, and Amuse gingham
Ink: SU Artichoke
Accessories: SU Pear seam binding
Techniques: was there one? Um, how about… hmmmmmm hate leaving this blank… Oh, I know. Card making! Oh, I’m original

5 thoughts on “SC229- Summer Strength

  1. I like the title. But I can relate that giving our card works titles is not as easy as other types of works. I struggle with every one. You my friend are very creative in your titles, just as your cards are. If I had the time I’d comment on every one, but trust me in that when I lift one, because I will, I will not only give you credit but will let you know.. You provide a great resource. Thank you for sharing.

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