Friday Five- Week One

This year I want to do something different.  I want to USE my stamps.  So, my goal is to take one stamp set and try to use it in five very different ways.  This week was my first one. So, I chose this set from Our Daily Bread Designs, “The Good Seed.”  This was a gift from a friend on the SCS forums in our gift exhange.  And, here they all are.

To see each card individually, the links are below:

SC231- Simple Sowing
SC232- Garden of Friendship
SC233- Reaping What He Sowed
SC234- Soiled Again
SC235- Circle of True Life


2 thoughts on “Friday Five- Week One

  1. Hi there, I popped over here from a link in my gallery. And I must say I will be back as I love your idea to use your stamps this year! I just created a card yesterday with a stamp I last used three years ago. So I am glad you commented on my card so I could meet you.

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