SC242- If You Can’t Beat It…

Take the path.

I don’t know! I’m making this stuff up as a I go. Come on, this is the gal who used that beaten path thing WITHOUT A CAR OR SHOES OR EVEN A PATH!!! I’m delusional. I have no idea what this card is or why I made it. I like it though.

Yes, I know that stupid “book” is supposed to be a vertical rectangle. Well, I cocked it– a lot. Once I had the idea for it to be a book, I kind of couldn’t get it out of my head.

What on earth would I use this card for you ask? Who knows. Maybe I’ll slap, “Happy Graduation” or something on it and give it out at Graduation time. Some guy might need it, right?

It’ll be original and thought provoking. His teachers will all applaud me for giving him an abstract concept for him to ponder on summer break. He, on the other hand, will probably grab the 20 dollar check and toss the card in the garbage. It’s what guys do.

That’s ok. I may not believe in Karma, but I absolutely believe that Murphy (the one with the Law) takes it upon himself to rain down upon those who… oh who am I kidding. Toss the card, kid. Take the check. Have a great summer. You’re only young once!

What was I typing about again? Oh, the card. Yeah, I kind of tweaked the sketch but hey. At least this doesn’t look just like the last one with this set– despite using very similar colors (accidentally of course).

Oh, and this is another UIU!  Woot!  Or did I say that already.


Stamps: Ippity “Authentic Man”
Paper: Scraps and SU Artichoke
Ink: Unity Umber, SU Sand, Cocoa, and Crumb… oh and maybe Suede
Accessories: Nestabilities labels 7 I think. notepaper punch.
Techniques: sponging

One thought on “SC242- If You Can’t Beat It…

  1. bwahaha. My little boy keeps cards until they are falling apart. He walks around with it and loves on it for days. One day, he will grow up and just throw them in the garbage. ::sad::

    I really like this card. The colors are so nice together and I enjoy the crooked book, it needed it.


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