SC245- Anniversaries Are for the Birds

Love birds. HA!!! *giggles*

I discovered the other day that I have very few anniversary options. I only know for sure that I have “Teeny Tiny” wishes by SU. Well, that’s dandified but it’s not sufficient to the task! MUST CELEBRATE MARRIAGES!! So… I went shopping.

I looked everywhere. At everything. I drooled over this, that and the other. I told myself ONE SET. ONLY ONE. Found tons of stuff I wanted… but only one Anniversary set stood out. Three days later, I STILL wanted it. So I bought it.

Why did I wait three days you ask? Well, like guests, fish, and other things, three days lets you know if it stinks. OR maybe it had to do with payday… Something like that.

What does this have to do with this card? Nuttin. I am trying to distract you from the fact that it’s just kind of so-so. I love the idea that is this card. Too much white or too little background paper, or something just doesn’t grab you about it, but it is sufficient to the task of saying, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Congratulations on another year of wedded bliss… or married mayhem… or something like that.

ONTO THE NEXT. I still have one more before I start this week’s Friday Five. And Tuesday is almost over. EEK


Stamps: Verve “Anniversary Birds”
Paper: Echo Park “Springtime” or something like that, PTI White, and PTI Lemon or something
Ink: Memento Black
Accessories: Black pearls (but not of the pirate variety. These are perfectly legal pearls for which I paid like the law-abiding citizen that I am.)
Techniques: snort. stamping?


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