*tap* *tap* Anyone here?

*glances around*  It’s been a while, no?  Gulp.  Well, I have been busy.  Writing career is keeping me swamped, I did 80 wedding invites (gotta take a pic!!) and then this little *cough* project that I volunteered for.

A friend of mine has a son going away for a year.  He’s leaving a dear friend behind… soooo he wanted to write her a postcard every day.  But they’d need envelopes.  He couldn’t find them affordably.  So, I decided to do it for him.  There aren’t quite 400.  I made a few errors, so a few didn’t make it, but there should be about 390 here.  Cards and envelopes.  MOST cards are blank.  But I added a few scripture verses, a few “miss you” type things, one for Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving… I may have forgotten Easter.  OOPS!

Anyway… got a lovely note from him today thanking me.  That was very nice.  I started to type, “Kids don’t do that much anymore” but you know what?  ADULTS don’t do that much anymore.  So it was definitely nice.

Ok, back to uploading sketches.


2 thoughts on “*tap* *tap* Anyone here?

  1. Sounds like someone who belongs in one of your books ; ) Sending a girl a card/postcard every day!
    (though if he had gone with post cards, the postage on those is cheaper 😉 )

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