Playing with Circles

I have NO cards.  Well, I have the boxes of give away cards, but I don’t let my kids touch those.  And they need cards. So, what am I doing?  I’m making cards!  So, I went for some fast stuff.

I’ve been seeing cool little cards everywhere made with just punched circles. I decided to play first with a very simple version. Now that I have a feel for it, I’m off to try something else. I like it.

I highly recommend checking out JBGreendawn’s (Stacy’s) recent upload. TOO cute. I’m off to copy that idea. I know there’s some term that my brain refuses to remember. Who am I kidding? I’m “copying” the idea. Thankfully, I am pretty sure Stacy could care less.

This card was inspired by Stacy (JBGreendawn)’s card here.

I’m going to be doing a million and one “UIU”s (Use it ups)

Two more down, two million to go!


4 thoughts on “Playing with Circles

  1. CUTE! I’m taking a class (Saturday) on “quickie” Christmas cards, but I like this one better than the samples I’ve seen so far for the class!!!!!

  2. I am also in need of new cards. I saw how depleted my stash is and I may need to work on cards one of these days. I am so glad you are back to making cards, it inspires me and encourages me to get moving. What a simple idea this is, but so useful.

    And, by the way, I have been using up the cards I bought from you recently and they always get so many compliments.


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